January 25, 2012

Trashy Readers

What a GREAT lesson. I wish I could take the credit for the lesson, but it was completely stolen!

Ms. Noren over at My Life as a Fifth Grade teacher presented this lesson to her kids and I took her lead! What a SUPER way to get the kids making inferences. See her post about “Trashy Readers” here.  (Pictures of my lesson to come.)

I can’t believe today is already Wednesday. We have “PLC” meeting tomorrow and we are working on practical living and vocational studies requirements. Evidently, since the state is no longer assessed on this, it is now up to teachers to provide proof of incorporation in the classroom.

We all do this, each and every day, trick is, getting our brains to think of it this way. It’ll be interesting to review the standards and dig in our brains and say “Oh, I do ____ that meets that standard.” Ahhh life lessons taught in the classroom.

What are some ways you incorporate practical living in your classroom? Do you take advantage of those ‘teachable moments’ to help you kids learn about life?

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