May 25, 2012

Ain't no cure for the Summertime Blues!

Well I've managed to compete one full week of Project Blast and SMARTS camp. These two summer programs offered at our school have been a blast, but have certainly worn me out this week!

We've made some of the CUTEST crafts including drawings on the glass of a picture frame (traced from a coloring page of course) tic-tac-toe boards with painted rocks as their pieces, and today we will finish up with some very cute tin can wind chimes. See pictures below!

Tin can wind chime       
Fancy Tin Can Wind Chimes
tic tac toe
Tic-Tac-Toe Boards!

Color Hunt in Nature!

We also had a great field trip to the local new station this week as well. We were able to tour the studio, see a live taping of the mid-day news, and some of our kids got to pretend to do the weather! Neat stuff!

We still have one more week of Project Blast next week and we will be focusing on SUMMER FUN!!!! We are going to have a blast next week, and then MY summer gets to start! I cannot wait!

Hubby bought Aaron and I two passes to Beach Bend Park. Think this is a sign he just wants us our of his hair for the summer? I don't think I'll mind going.... Look at this oasis where I'll spend majority of my time!

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  1. Ms. yonker,
    Project Blast was soooo fun all because of you. thanks for ANYTHING you do!!!!!
    you are amazing

    Love ya lots,
    kilet sanders