May 20, 2012


Does anyone else hate cooking? I'm not sure how I have such a love for food, but I LOATHE going to the kitchen and actually making it. (Sometimes- there are those times I don't mind it at all...) 

Hence just this morning, Russ wants bacon and biscuits, yes, a very simple meal, but I just did. not. want. to. fix. it. :(

Well, one pound of bacon, a can of biscuits, and several hasty stomps through the kitchen, breakfast is done, the kitchen is cleaned, and what for dinner is on the horizon.

In other news, I'm busily working on the decorations for my sister-in-laws wedding coming up in July. For all of my ideas, feel free to check out the pin board I made for her wedding. Ninas Pin Board

Vase of fruit and flowers

This week begins my last two weeks of work with school. We have two summer programs going on this coming week, Project Blast is the first, where we'll be focusing on nature & weather this week, an SMARTS camp where we will be covering topics from human anatomy, to nature & weather. Looks to be a promising week with a super fun field trip scheduled for this Thursday!

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