May 13, 2012

Ugh... I'm bored!!!

Okay Friends, you know it's coming! We have 3 days of school left, and those of you who are lucky enough to join me in Project Blast or SMARTS camp, you will have an extra 2 weeks of entertainment... however, those of you are are headed for the hill in a dead sprint, your going to be uttering those words before long.... I'm bored.....

In an effort to help you (and your sweet parents) overcome those times of boredom, I'm posting this link to help keep you entertained.
Ideas for kid activitiesThis is from a pin( Oh Pinterest- how I LOVE YOU!) that I've found, and it may give you at least a few things to do while on your break. Think- if you did 2 a day, that's a BORED free summer!!! Click here to go to the site. (I LOVE numbers 7, 16, 33 and 55.) I challenge you to see just how many of these you can do this summer! Please post comments so we can all share our experiences over the summer!


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