May 17, 2012

Schoooooolllllllllsssss Out for Summa!!!!

Well friends, WE. ARE. DONE!!!
I cannot believe it is only mid May and we are OUT of school! (Inset happy dance here!)
All of my summer chores are finished as far as packing up the classroom. My room is spic-n-span clean!

Now that all of the technicalities are out of the way- What are you doing today on this BEAUTIFUL first day of summer?

Please comment below- and since you are reading this post, I hope your answer it not " I sat inside on the computer all day!"

On a related note... in about 3 days, when you run out of things to do, I found another very neat "I'm Bored" buster via my true love, (besides the hubby of course) Pinterest! (Click here to print the items for the jar, click here to see how to make the jar super cute like the one in the picture.)

101 ideas for "I'm Bored" Jar
Check out the activities in this "I'm bored" jar and let me know what you think. 'Till next time... Ta ta!!!

P.S. Wear some sunscreen on these hot sunny days... Nothing is uglier than an old wrinkled lady at the age of 30! :)

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