January 15, 2012

A Day in My Shoes

Linking up with Miss Klohn from Adventures of a 6th grade teacher, I thought it would be nice to portray a day in the life of Mrs. Yonker.

5:05 Alarm sound.... I choose to snooze until 5:45 (some days it's 6).

6:00 Pending on the weather the hair may be curly or straight... either way, I like to have my coffee and be out the door by 6:45.

7:00 (or earlier) is when I love to get to school, I MUST have that gearing up time before my kiddos arrive. I usually check e-mails, work on lesson plans, or gather supplies for the day.

7:45 Begins our morning meeting for the day. Each day the whole school meets in the gym to hear a word from the principal before the day begins. Then it's off to our 5th grade lockers to get all of our things for the day!

Between locker time and 8:00 is spent sushing ushering students into the classroom and offering 15 dozen times, don't forget ______ for class today!

At 8:10 my first reading class with my homeroom begins. We focus on a Mini lesson followed by a Daily 5 choice area. We spend the last 5 min of class wrapping up and filling in our agendas with homework for the evening.

9:00 Starts the second reading class of the day where we do much of the same as the first class.

9:50 That little precious time of day where I get to retreat to my room, run through the building collecting papers, making copies, and touching base with other teachers about XY &Z, while my students attend Music, PE, or Art.

10:50 The kids are picked up and I get to take the boys for their restroom break. (Is there a sign in there that says play, touch one another and talk as loudly as possible?)

10:50-11:20 Is our "Brain Break" we spend time playing review games or fun activities that don't seem like work but focus on a skill, even if it's a social skill.

11:20 Is lunch... I hate this time of day. I always feel like the time is better spent working in my room, but I don't want to be a hermit in my room. Plus if I work, I don't eat... my hinnie is plenty wide enought without adding to.

12:00 Writing classes begin where we focus on vocabulary and then writing block.

12:50 Ditto... Writing.

1:40 We spend this time differently each day. Monday's and Wednesday's we work on On Demand writing to please the Testing Gods in hops to perfect our On Demand skills. Tuesday and Thursday we have Science class. This day is much more fun. We like to get our hands dirty.

2:30 Begins break, this time is spent wrapping up the day and getting ready to go home. (Sometimes it is spend practicing procedures and rules we need work on from the day.)

3:00 Students are dismissed and teacher are allowed to leave at 3:15.

I usually don't leave until 4ish on a normal day, unless I have Zumba which starts a 4 about 10 min down the road.

Either way, I usually arrive home around 5 and the rest of the evening is spent getting me, my 8 year old and the hubby ready for the next day.

Always some Facebook and Pinterest time thrown in there while we keep the couch company before we hop off to bed about 9.

Ahhhh what a day!


  1. Yeah for a 5th grade blog and a class that uses the Daily 5. I have just begun using it in my 6th grade class and the kids love it!

    Thanks for linking up!
    Miss Klohn
    Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher

  2. I do not know where I got 5th grade from, sorry! Even more excited to know you teach 6th!