January 23, 2012

Technology... Friend or Foe?

After spending four hours at school on Sunday planning and searching the Internet for the perfect "interactive" activity to do with my kids over conjunctions and them types of poetry...



So, never fear! I'm versatile! I can adapt... change plans... (boo for no technology...) In walks principal to observe!

Ohhhhhhh why couldn't you work internet? Geeze!

Lesson went fine, concepts were taught, and well received, even though I had to shake up my own lesson plans. (No way I was about to throw away that hard work.. I'll save the super technology plan for tomorrow!)

What do you do when your technologies aren't working as expected? What are your 'go to' plans?

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  1. This is a daily thing in my room! We finally got interactive boards in our schools this year in every classroom, but I am lucky if I can get it to work 2 days a week. I really hate planning an activity. on it because you never know what it will feel like doing that day. At least I still have a document camera that is a good backup for everything.

    Miss Klohn
    Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher