January 20, 2012

Funnies, Frantic, & Fun Friday


I’m so thankful today is Friday, and on top of that, it was early release! Students left a 1, while we all stayed behind until 3 for PD. (Check out this funny video our principal showed before we were released! It’s a hoot and right on about education and “The Test.”)

After my Master class last night and knowing all I need to work on this weekend. I realized that after being out on Monday, I was a day behind in my “prep” for next week!

I admit it. I left school without all my materials ready for Monday. I know I’ll give in a go tomorrow or Sunday, but I just had to bolt. (Especially after the hubby called and said “Come home! It’s the weekend!” Who could resist a hubby that wants to cuddle with you on the couch?)

To the real point of this post!

We take 45-50 min each Friday afternoon to have what we like to call “Fun Friday.” This is a reward for students who didn’t get their 3 strikes for the week. Students who did the right thing get to go to “Fun Friday” while the others go to the “offender” room. (Here students copy procedures from their student packets or write about words like ‘respect’, ‘origination’, and ‘responsibility’. We also discuss how we can change our behaviors to have a better week next week.

I like out set up, but I HATE HATE HATE to be the warden! Wish there wasn’t a need for this room at all, but we all know there are going to be a few little stinkers who need more convincing in following the rules.

What are some ways you reward your students? What are disciplines your students respond to best? How do you deal with those students who seem “unaffected” by their consequences?

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