May 31, 2012

Pinterest Pandemonium

Summer is here! (Well, technically for me it begins at noon tomorrow!) With the arrival of summer I've found myself pinning more and more! I'm not sure if this is just to fill my idle summer months ahead, or if I'm truly just an addict.

Hello, my name is Lee Ann and I'm a pinning addict. Admission is the first step right?

In honor of my addiction (Pinterest and I are approaching our one year anniversary in our relationship, it's the only thing that kept me awake when hubby stuck me on the hotel desk working 3rd shift last summer!) :) (P.S. I'd do it again in a heart beat love!)

I am making a "Best of Pinterest" post this week. These are the best pins I've found recently. You know those things that you ponder making at 1 am, or while your in the shower. :)

Classroom "I Cans"
4th Grade Frolics: Monday "Made It" Reveal - Classroom/Home Edition
With the new common core standards we use "I can" statements and I think this would be a perfect way to display them with each unit/lesson. Will do if I have a classroom! (This is where you can insert your prayer that I get a job this summer!)

Desktop caddies... hot glue cups to bottom, address label tops of crayon boxes.
I LOVE these simple crates with cups hot glued into the bottom. Since I began teaching, the Dollar General store has mesh metal baskets made for holding picnic items, I've always wanted to use them for supplies for groups, but I'm far too stingy to buy them. I guess this is the next best choice! See lustful baskets below!

Lots of great links to fun things to get done over the summer for next school year

Letter/Number Tiles
Classroom DIY
Okay, so this is the one that is keeping me up at night. (I think not because I want to make it so badly, but because I have no class to put it in place in.) This is the greatest little center activity! You can make each tile with letters or numbers and use them however you like. For the tiny kiddlets, you can do word families, or math problems, and for the bigger kiddos you could use for spelling practice with difficult vocabulary words, maybe even some phonic activities like chunking and prefixes/suffixes. Just thoughts.... WANNA DO THIS SO BAD!

Okay, so here is my Pinterest rant for the week. Now, go make something wonderful, and say a prayer I get a job so I have a reason to make my own!!

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