June 08, 2012

The cheese line really stinks!

For those of you who also felt the chop of the ax in the budget cuts gimmie a high five! Each day I sit a scour the sites for teaching positions and feel like banging my head against a wall... hard!

It is so very frustrating to want something so badly, but be denied it. As a teacher I strive to be current, up to date, and do things in my classroom that are beneficial, and that will make an impact on my kids. I LOVE my job- only problem is... I don't have one.

I sit and browse the Internet and find tons and tons of ideas I want to put into place- and admittedly, I fantasise about decorating.organizing a classroom. I just wish that some word would come, but I know I must wait. (Admission: I'm not a patient waiter!)

So as I wait, I still scour the blogs and pins of my friends and I eagerly pin all the best ideas I see. Somewhere deep down I wonder if it is all in vain. I think sometimes maybe I should just go apply for some secretarial position- that is NOT what I want to do with my life, but my chances are looking grim.

I suppose in the mean time, I will try to take the hubs advise and enjoy my summer. I vow to try to suppress my worry- at least until the beginning of July that is.

If are a teacher, please take stock of what you have. So many would kill to have what you have. Go into your classrooms with a vigor and love for kids. We are all they get some days. Until next time...

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