May 12, 2012

Pinterest Post

In honor of my addiction to Pinterest I wanted to share with you all some of my very favorite pins I've come across lately!

Craft Pin: This is the neatest thing! I combines my love of craft + re purposing + manic organization! Perfection!

This is a hanging magnet board made from.... you ready... an old stove burner cover wrapped in fabric! Wa la!! LOVE!

Magnetic Memo Board from old burner cover

Blog Pin: I'm certainly on the blog kick these days. I've been searching blogs-mostly of the educational kind- to find great tips to make teaching more fun, exciting, and this particular blog is GREAT for organization tips!
Packing up the classroom.

To Do Pin: With summer break beginning this Friday- (Yes! Did I just say this Friday? YAY!) I have found several projects I'd like to do around the house, and this is one of them! I love this bird bath bade from an old flowering pot..Cute!
create a salvaged styled birdbath - by Eclectically Vintage

Just for fun: This pin is just super funny. Nothing beats a good ol' Diet Coke, and it's even better if it's in a can!

Go Pin something fab!!

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