January 16, 2012

A day off... or not?

We all lust after those 3 (in my case, thanks to the snow, a 4 day) weekend. How many of use ever actually take those days off?

I admit, I did use my snow day on Friday to tackle the mountain of Masters homework hovering over me. (Thankful for a chance to jump ahead before I could be left behind!)

Today however, I spent some time in the classroom. Planning time is never enough to get everything done at school. I went today to make sure all my materials were out for tomorrow and also to prep a few anchor charts for my Daily Five.
This is the anchor chart I was inspired to create. I found this (along with a TON of other great anchor charts) via pinterest at Fabulous Fourth Grade. This is her creation; mine looks pretty much the same, minus the spatula. (I just didn’t feel that I could do the pie server justice!)

What have you been inspired to create via Pinterest? Do you frequently spend your snow days/holidays working?

Enjoy your week!

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